Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Dad, From Dru Johnston

Hey Dad,

So I know that I didn't get you anything, per se, and that this blog is the closest thing to a father's day gift I got you this year. For this I am sorry.

I am also aware that as a young boy I was totally unable to catch any form of ball when we were playing catch. For this I am also sorry.

Furthermore, I am aware that that one time I got you a tie for father's day because I was under the impression that every child got their father a tie for father's day. I also am aware now that you never wore ties. This was an oversight on my part, and a generic assumption that you were like all other fathers who want ties for father's day. This was a mistake. For this I am sorry.

I am also sorry about the P.S. for this letter, I know you hate Spaggos.

I love you.

Your Son,

Dru Dylan Johnston, Esq.

P.S. I got us reservations to Spaggo's! So keep your appetite!

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